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It manages and controls the Health and Safety activities and provides the necessary documentation. Responsible for the professional and effective implementation of the work safety activities, for the purpose of the audit, proposes in writing the implementation of the necessary conditionality system.

Fire Protection

The task of fire protection is to monitor the implementation of fire regulations, regulations, instructions and fire safety, monitor the regular inspection of fire extinguishers and equipment in cooperation with the employer’s leader to prepare a fire protection policy.

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Accident statistics nationwide in


According to the latest accident statistics of the OMMF, the number of accidents at work also increased in 2019, in parallel with which, unfortunately, the frequency of fatal accidents also increased. However, as there are cases every year that are only investigated years later, they will only be added to the statistics at that time in the year of closure. For this reason, among the data of 2019, there are also cases that occurred in a previous year, but the investigation of the work accident ended in 2019.

Unfortunately, a further negative is that the “Construction in Focus – Safety at Work First” campaign, announced a year ago, has not yet brought about the breakthrough that was hoped for in the sector, as the number of blazes increased by 2019 compared to 2018. campaign will run until the end of this year, so hopefully the statistics will improve. Click on the link below to find out more about the detailed statistics on the OMMF website.

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Our business was founded in 2016 with the aim of achieving work and fire protection tasks for small and medium-sized enterprises. Our goal is to create a mutually satisfactory work safety atmosphere for our clients, where both the employer and the employee are satisfied with the safe working environment.

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Since February 2017 Richárd has been taking care  safety and fire protection in our biogas plant. He is a well-trained specialist who contributes greatly to our accident-free operation.

Szurovecz Ernő

CEO, Zöldforrás Energia Kft.

We have been asked to develop a Safety and Health Protection Plan (BET) and safety training. We are fully satisfied with the job, we strongly recommend it to everyone.

Szélpál Zoltán

Executive Director, Hydroprojekt'99 Kft.

We have been entrusted with the entire work and fire protection tasks of our company, which has been assigned to Safety Hungary. They work fast and precisely. We are totally satisfied with their work.

Ferenczi Krisztina

Executive Director, BG Betonfúrás Betonvágás Kft.

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