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We provide a wide range of workplace safety services for our clients. Check out below if we are interested, do not hesitate to contact us with confidence.

Workplace risk assessment

According to Section 54 of the Labor Safety Act, the employer must assess the risks in the work area qualitatively and quantitatively and record them in writing. This documentation can be prepared by an occupational safety specialist, which must be reviewed every 3 years.

Safety training

According to the current Occupational Safety Act, all employees must be educated before they start working, or when a year has elapsed since the time of education or when an accident occurs in the work area.

Chemical risk assessment

In workplaces where they work with chemicals, it is very important to prepare this documentation. It is indespensable to avoid accidents to minimize the risk. 

Investigation of work accidents

In all cases, occupational accident investigations may be carried out by an occupational safety specialist. The protocol that is sent to the work safety authority for non-practitioners is not a simple task. It is strongly advisable to involve a specialist in this case.

Health & Safety policy

The labor safety regulations create statutory areas of regulation for the employer and provide an opportunity for the employer to adapt the requirements related to occupational safety in accordance with the specificities of the employer.

Biological risk assessment

In areas where there is a risk of biological risk, it is necessary to find the risks that may be encountered, as well as to require the use of protective equipment and the imposition of measures.

Determination of Occupational Health Checks

Participation in a medical fitness test is required by law. By taking into account workplace specificities and by using the law, we determine the frequency of medical examination, assisting in the organization of occupational health services as needed.

Creating Personal Protecting Equipment policy

Based on the risks identified, the most appropriate personal protective equipment for the company is defined for the risk.

Perform periodic security reviews

Machinery must be periodically checked for work safety in accordance with current legislation, and we will prepare a trial report.

Previous inspection of machines

The installation of hazardous machinery is prescribed by law. We will assist in the complete implementation of this including the preliminary work safety check.

OMMF Assistance

The Occupational Safety and Health Inspectorate can carry out inspections without notice to companies or businesses. Our services include helping clients in such cases to better enforce their rights under these controls.

Legal advice

We also provide assistance to our clients on legal issues related to work safety, be it about any topic of work safety.

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